The Story of This


I live in the shadow of this yes tower.

This is a page by J. K. Johnson, who simply wants good conversation. With this non-selfie blog, he hopes to stir up some lively talk (without being rude or stuffy about it). Art should be fun, interesting, dirty, abstruse, addictive, ridiculous, criminal, reckless, amoral, enlightening, full of shit and not safe from us.

In other news, ‘Be Still. Keep Moving’ is a seven-volume set of zines which advances a Neo-Panglossian philosophy under cover of the anthropic principle, of all things, towards a re-estimation of heliocentrism. Touts itself as: ‘Self-Help for the High-Risk Set.’ What a wacko-brain, right? Ha ha, you must gawk here:

Audiobook version? Yes:


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